More Election Funnies

This election is inescapable.  I just read some hilarious stuff over on ARS: first, somebody called Bush a fascist, and then an argument over the definition of "fascism" broke out...

Another DEFINITION of fascism is corporatism (coined by mr. musolini). The ideas was that corporations pretty much ruled the government and that is what America is under pretty much any president by much more so under bush since his gov. does nothing but favors for corporations.

The key here is that bush is a militaristic gov. with a strong emphasis on a ruling elite and government owned by corporations. Civil rights are also being trampled. The media is coporate owned (controlled), voting rights are supressed, racism is evident as is mass and blind nationalism. This is the bush fascism.

To which someone else responded:

And you think Kerry winning will change this?  Look up the definition of "snowball’s chance in hell" for the answer to that.

Then someone complained thusly:

I voted this morning in Virginia.

While approaching the voting entrance I was accosted by two young girls, 8 and 12, dressed in balerina outfits. They were handing out republican fliers and they said to me "would you like a Republican sample ballot and sticker?" i said no and they rolled their eyes at me! wtf, and 8 and 12 year old girl doing the dirty work of the GOP.... that’s tactless and dirty chicanery. it’s sad that the GOP should have to sink to levels such as this to swing a few votes.

i voted for Kerry.

Someone else replied:

Depending on how close they were to the polling stations, that might be illegal - at least it would be in Mass.

Maybe that’s why the Republicans were using children. Kinda like how crack dealers use kids.

And then...

Yes, those evil GOP people, sending out their crack squads of small girls in tutus to intimidate voters! Call the police! Call the National Guard! Someone please save us from the Legions of the Cute, against which we have no defense!

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