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I was listening to NPR this morning, I think the program was Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane, and she was talking to her guest about the election and the exit polls and everything.  She (and her Democrat guest) were shocked that the Bush-supporters who were polled said their first priority was moral issues.  Talk about being out of touch!  It’s one thing to disagree about moral issues, but to be shocked that that’s what conservatives care about?

The crying and conspiracy theories are flying over at DU, and LGF is collecting some of the best/worst loonie-left quotes.  They are hilarious.  Here are a few:


From Kos:

> What happened to Kerry the fighter? What happened to making
> sure every vote is counted? Why do I feel like it’s germany
> in the 1930s and I’m watching the party rise to power again?

"WAH! WAH! bush=nazi WAH! I’m so stupid! WAH!!!"


Boston ( -- As President George Bush edged closer to the 270 electoral votes necessary to secure re-election, supporters of Democratic nominee John Kerry openly wept and consoled each other at the Election Night celebration in Boston’s Copley Square. A distraught woman confronted a Democratic congressman in a hotel, screaming, "Can you tell me why everybody made a mistake?"


"I actually voted for the 87 billion dollars before I voted against it."


it was the....diebold voting machines--they were calibrated for a repub victory--the real vote doesn’t count--its the exit polls stupid


Here’s a good one from Kos:

Second, gut any Bush hopes for legitimacy. Find the places in Florida and Ohio and every other state where a plausible argument for Republican vote fraud can be made. It doesn’t matter whether it did happen or not. What matters is if it can be plausibly alleged to marginal Bush supporters and to the media. We also have to let the issue go where it’s implausible. Hammering on voter fraud where it’s not at least plausible on that level is only going to hurt our credibility. We have to sink our fangs into Republican ankles and hang onto them for dear life on the legitimacy issue. We have to make him "Bush the only American President who was never elected" whether it’s true or not.



Magical Election Tapering: SHUT IT DOWN!
Ok, I can understand the restlessness I’ve been feeling since yesterday. There’s a lot riding on this election, and passions are running high on both sides, so naturally eceryone and their naked brother who has an ounce of Power and no clue about Shielding is leaking energy like a hair dryer in a bathtub. So it’s Shields Up for me, but I’m still getting enough bleedover to make me jittery and a little manic if I don’t concentrate. That’s all to be expected.

What wasn’t expected was that once I filtered out all that background noise, I started hearing a calm, resonable, and powerful head-voice saying things like "Kerry doesn’t have the experience we need in these troubled times." and "Give Bush a chance to make it better."

Anyone who knows me KNOWS these are not my thoughts! And besides, I voted last week. No, there’s no way in Hades these are my thoughts.

G--- d--- it! The f---ing Republicans have got Magical help pumping out a clear, unified, focused broadcast, and you can be sure, every sensitive is picking it up. These are the people most likely to vote Kerry, and I’d like to think they are resolute enough not to be swayed by telepathic subliminal advertising, but it’s such a rarely-done thing, and so few people are properly trained these days, that I fear it will be more effective. Just watch and see who says "I was going to vote for Kerry, but for some reason I changed my mind at the last minute."

Who would be doing this for them? Gee, who are the Mages driving around in those black Mercedes and Lincolns with the tinted windows? The ones who live in the mansions with the hell-hounds in the yard and the 7-foot tall hairless black doormen? Every town has some, the bigger the town, the more of these "High Magi" you will find.

I have no idea what their agenda may be, but you can be d--- sure the welfare of the common human on the street is not a part of it.

So shield, people, shield. And screen. And if you can shield a polling place, do it! I’m not saying to try to interfere with people’s choices, but rather prevent them from being interfered with.

This is important, people, and it may be too late already.




This isn’t some sort of coincidence, no my friends Bush, Haliburton and the military industrial complex have had this figured out months ago. You think these ignorant, right wing, religious nazi f---ers could vote their way out of a paperbag? Funny how every state went to electronic voting machines isn’t it. Don’t tell some high altitude electronic warfare aircraft weren’t flying missions yesterday to electronically alter the vote! The CIA has been doing this for decades to change the votes in central and South America.

Oh yes, that’s it... we can’t "vote our way out of a paper bag" so instead, we resort to using old-fashioned "high altitude electronic warfare aircraft" to alter the votes for us.


This isn’t from the Internet but Chris Matthews and Katie Couric [on NBC] just completely insulted a majority of Americans. 1) Southerns and Christians aren’t analytical. They just believe and follow. 2) Bush has no mandate. 3) There really are two Americas (basically a smart progressive America and then another for us dumba-- Southerners and/or Christians).

"Katie the south part of the country is different. People that don’t live there don’t understand. They believe there is WoMD in Iraq. They are simple people. They are not analytical......."


I cannot possibly put into words how disappointed, angry, and perplexed I am right now. The reported results coming out of Florida and Ohio simply make no sense to me. I cannot comprehend how we could have such a massive increase in turnout and not win the election.

Oh yeah, it’s so incomprehensible that anyone with a different opinion than yours might feel strongly about this election and vote in large numbers.


We need a stealth candidate. We can unveil his/her identity the day before the election, then they won’t have time to define him/her.


Ok, this is an open invitation from a Canadian...

Have you figured it out yet? Isn’t it time you visited our embassy?

- no Fox News Channel
- our conservatives are liberal
- no guns
- universal health care
- tolerance enshrined AND practised
- political civility on a Utopian plane

Bring us your tired, your hungry...

Enough is enough, yanks...we’re ready for you with open arms.

Oh yes, that sounds great.  Media 100% left-slanting, gov’t won’t let you own the means to protect your own life, you must pay for health care for everyone else, even when they are irresponsible and need medical attention for their drug habits / cancer & heart disease from smoking, etc...

OK, I stopped around #90, and there are 400-some.  But I did read this at the bottom:


I’m listening to / laughing at Randi Rhodes on Air America. I’m sooo glad that I have her to tell me the truth about what happened [choke, barf]:

1. "Republicans don’t want women or blacks to vote."

2. She can’t believe that Americans are "so stupid that they would vote against their own best interests."

3. "People are happy today if they belong to the party that cheated the rest of us out of our right to vote."

4. The whole election was stolen by Diebold voting machines. "It was more subtle than last time."

Followed by plenty of ranting about "four more years of religious fascism," impending "environmental disaster" etc. And then she says that the Repubs got their base to vote by "fear mongering." Helloooooo.....?

They’re in total freaking denial. And it’s too bad - the Repubs need to have a good opposition party to keep them honest and to offer an outside perspective. But the Dems are just disappearing up their own a--es. They have absolutely no clue what’s going on here, i.e. a majority of Americans sincerely disagree with them.

That last line sums it up nicely.

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