Today I didn't even have to use my AK

Man.  As far as days go, today was pretty spectacular.  At work, I found out that I might be starting a programming project that will take until the end of the summer (when I leave and go back to school).  Which is awesome, because although I’m technically an engineer and I like engineering, I really love programming lately.  And this particular project would involve writing some C code to either replace a bunch of Perl scripts, or embedding some Perl into some C.  (I got chosen for this because I’m fluent in Perl.)  Now, if you’re not a programmer, right about now you’re saying either "What?" or "So what?"  But I am excited.

I also got 2 rad emails today from random people on the internet.  I usually get one or two of these a week, but sometimes less, sometimes a little more.  It’s definitely gotten more often since my site went from about 10 or 20 visitors per day to nearly 200 every day over the past year and a half.

In any event, getting these emails is easily one of my favorite things ever.  Complete strangers just emailing to say "hey thanks for putting this-or-that online," or "hey I like the site!"  That just rocks.  I feel so useful  : )

The first of these 2 particular emails was from another comp-E working at the Aviation Applied Technology Directorate at Fort Eustis, Virginia.  That’s so important sounding.  He wanted to say thanks, because by putting some info online about a Kenwood CD changer adapter, I saved him $60.  And he also gave me props on my musicbox.

The second email was really short, from a girl, and it contained the phrase "You sound like the perfect guy!"  I’m not really going to comment on that because I don’t want to sound conceited (and I don’t think it’s true... not quite anyway), but I’m saying, I just can’t complain when I get an email like that.

Oh, and I found my Unisys ID which I’d lost about 2 weeks ago.  That’s important because you need it to get past security on the way into any of the buildings; I’ve been scaling the walls and dropping in through open skylights for the past 2 weeks.  (Just kidding... we don’t really have skylights.)

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