Show's Over

Google has added to their search engine the ability to search within the text of books, something that Amazon has been doing for a while now.  Poor Amazon... I guess the show’s pretty much over.  I mean, are you really going to beat Google at the search game?

Not that it’s going to be the end of Amazon or anything like that -- they do pretty well, they have a gold mine of user reviews and "users-who-bought-that-also-bought-this" lists, and they are a merchant which Google isn’t (yet) -- but still, it’s gotta be intimidating when Google enters a market that you’re working to corner.

It reminds me of the new Taking Back Sunday album, actually.  It had been two years since their first album, and many people (like me) were dying to hear what they’d put out next.  There was also a little anxiety because two of the guys left and formed the amazing Straylight Run, and some people (me) weren’t sure what to expect from a new TBS album without them.  Then the new album came out, and it was like, "This is what emo/indie rock is.  What have all you other bands been doing for the past two years?"  I’ve heard lots of new albums from old and new bands in the past two years, many that I really love... but the new TBS album for me was just like, Bam.

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