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Hi Anthony, Your tutorial on making a Kenwood Aux. Adapter is for a specific Protocol of the Kenwood cdc(cd-changer).

If you want to add the following to your tutorial I dont mind:
For Protocol C(1995’ish) of the Kenwood cdc you need to put the resistor(10k ohm) between points 4(ch-reqh) and 12(ch-reqc) of your tutorial. This is to get the H.U to get the extra Disc Menu.

Left Audio in is point 9 and Right is point 5. Audio ground is point 7.

There are Several cdc protocols(D,C,B,A; D being oldest) and I guess the pinouts are all different.

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01. Apr 17, 2005 at 08:31pm by Anthony:

Thanks for the information.  I’ll add it to my page.

02. Nov 2, 2010 at 02:12pm by chris:

Now what would happen if there were a different impendence connecting the two pins.  on ipods, it determines which type of charging or input device is connected... I wonder if kenwood did something similar.  ie: sat, hd radio, cdc, aux...

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