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After ranting the other day about not being able to find Crest’s Icy Mint Striped flavor of toothpaste anywhere for a month, I found it at a Shop ’n Save the very next day.  That’s still the only place I’ve seen it in, including two other Shop ’n Save locations, in the past month.

There are two snacks that I really want that I can’t find anywhere though: one is Golden Krackle, which is a Greek/Mediterranean flour-based chip, and is sold at Giant (not to be confused with Giant Eagle) and Wegmans back east.  I love the Garlic and the Cheese & Oregano flavors.  They’re sold in thin white cardboard boxes that are about one foot square and 1.5 inches deep, and they can be hard to find even in stores that do carry them; they’re usually not with normal chips/snacks, but rather by the deli or produce areas.  The second snack is Utz Pub Mix, which I’ve ranted about before, and can’t seem to find anywhere anymore :(

But on a happier note, Kim and I bought an old-fashioned push lawn mower, the kind with no motor, that instead has a set of curved blades that spin when you push the thing.  It’s really fun to use, though probably not as much fun if you have a big yard.  The only drawback is that it doesn’t mulch the clippings, but if you go over the lawn a second time, mowing over the trails of clippings, that mulches them pretty well.

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01. Jun 23, 2005 at 01:29pm by Anthony:

It turns out I was spelling it wrong: it’s "Gold’nKrackle," not "Golden Krackle," and they have a website where you can order it online  : )  Yay!

02. Jun 25, 2005 at 04:20pm by Mike:

You can find your utz pub mix from sam’s club, I just bought some a month ago and they always have it. Also put utz pub mix in google and you will see that yahoo store sells 4 for 24.95

03. Jun 27, 2005 at 02:51pm by Aunt Sonya:

Hey there Anthony, Sounds sooo good!  Interesting address, so I’ve emailed, requesting store-sales in all OUR local areas, coast to coast, East and South of us!  :)  See you soon!

04. Jun 27, 2005 at 02:59pm by Aunt Sonya:

PS  our Wal-Mart sells Crest Icy Mint Striped flavor toothpaste.  When I saw it  I thought to myself, probably young kids will be the biggest consumer market for this one.  : )  Are you a cocoa puffs fan?  Or how ’bout Cap’n Crunch, like Marc used to be??? And low and behold, Marc has Crest Icy Mint Striped flavor toothpaste on his bathroom counter! !  :,)

05. Jun 27, 2005 at 03:06pm by Anthony:

Did you see that Gold ’n Krackle is based in Florida?


Gold’nKrackle, or "Krackle Bread" as it is widely called, is made from an old Mediterranaen [sic] family recipe that dates back many generations.  The special blend of pita bread flours and flavorful toppings were [sic] modified and developed for today’s modern tastes and introduced to the public in early 1992 in West Palm Beach, Florida. ... Today the product is being shipped by the case to individuals all over the country who fell in love with the product while vacationing in Florida.  Many of these customers introduced Gold’nKrackle to their local food stores who are now purchasing it direct from the company or local distributors.

Interesting story!  (If lacking in basic middle-schoool level spelling and grammar skills...)  Based on that, I would have thought it’d be easy for you to find down there, but maybe not.

Why do you say that young kids will be the biggest market for Crest Icy Mint Striped toothpaste?

06. Jun 14, 2006 at 06:09pm by becky:

I love the pub mix too and that is how I found you. I googled it.
You CAN buy 4 of them online, but you have to pay $8 shipping.
I will go to Sam’s. I checked them out  already but it wasn’t there so I shall return. The stuff is addictive!

07. Feb 28, 2007 at 01:07pm by heather:

Wow. I am ADDICTED to gold’nkrackel.. I first found it at Cost Plus World Market... they sell for 2.99 there. I’ve only ever bought what they carry (the cheese, and the oregano, and both) ..haha.. but I found the cinnamon and sugar one on their website, looked interesting..But I’d prefer driving across town to phoenix to the world market, but it seems like everytime i go, they only have 2, and i always buy both haha.

08. May 16, 2011 at 09:53pm by Patience:

Roche Brothers Quincy Massachusetts has it for $5.99.

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