Viewing Aunt Jeannies Movie Clips

Hi Anthony... hope all is well with you.  I was sorry to hear about Kim’s dad.  I posted a message to you all to let you know that you were in our prayers. 

I love how you set up your mom’s photo site.  Very nice!!  Can you tell me what I need to do to view her movie clips?  I’d like to be able to view them. 

Thanks Anthony... next time come down too!  Love Lisa

Posted by Lisa Rowland on 1 reply


01. Oct 3, 2006 at 04:44pm by Anthony:

Hi Lisa!  The name of each movie file is a link that you can click on.  When you click on it, your browser should either start playing it automatically, or it should ask you if you’d like to download the file instead.  Either way is fine, and the program that plays the movie will probably be Windows Media Player.

We would love to come down there sometime!  It’s just a matter of finding enough vacation time and/or money...

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