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Artist: Circa Survive

Album: On Letting Go

Track: The Greatest Lie (listen)

For as long as nodivisions has existed, I’ve been using it as a means to promote the bands that I like.  It started as a giant monolithic listing, then switched to a dedicated blog, then more recently to a concise "Now Playing" listing in the sidebar.

All of those methods have proven to be unideal in the long run for various reasons, and it now strikes me that the simplest and most obvious thing to do is just make posts on the main blog about what I’m currently listening to.

One of the most important (to me) things about my website is its ability to facilitate communication and foster discussion, so that’s one big advantage that the blog has over the concise "Now Playing" sidebar as a place to post music: the sidebar listing doesn’t allow feedback or discussion.

And because updating a website regularly can be tedious -- even if you really want to and intend to do it -- it helps to make it as easy as possible to make your updates, which is another advantage that the blog has over an old-fashioned monolithic page or a static HTML sidebar element.

A year or two ago, I would have worried that posting music items on the blog would cause them to get lost amongst all the other non-music postings.  But the presence of categories / tags means that that doesn’t have to happen: simply visiting will list them all nicely.

So this is the first of those postings, and it’s long overdue: I’ve had this album for about six months now.  I plan (hope) to take care of some of my music-posting backlog over the coming weeks.

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01. Jan 1, 2008 at 02:54am by andy:

we just got done opening thursday’s new years show which also had circa on it.  i never got into thursday as much but circa survive slayed it, i love that band.

02. Jan 1, 2008 at 03:47am by Anthony:

Wow, that’s awesome.  Inner Party System must be doing pretty well then, huh?  Now all they need to do is 1) not break up, and 2) not change their name.

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