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Artist: Emery

Album: I’m Only A Man (buy)

Track: Don’t Bore Us, Get To The Chorus (listen)

This music and vocals in this song’s chorus are very catchy, upbeat, and just fun, but at the same time the lyrics are extremely serious, even grave.  And interestingly, the point of this song isn’t what you think it is; only the final bit of lyrics reveals its true meaning:

I’m never satisfied, so let them all fall side by side.
Side by side, one more will fall tonight.
One more to promised lies.
The morning brings the dreadful light,
so you can see that you have fallen.

Emery is among my favorite bands, and lyrics like this are one of the main reasons.  They’re often criticizing the actions or behaviors that they’re singing about, but if you don’t know Emery’s music well or you don’t pay close attention to all the lyrics, then you might not even know it.

Emery’s first album, The Weak’s End, had a ton of screaming, but also lots of nice melodic parts.  The second album, The Question, had less screaming and was perhaps more poppy.  And this their third album is sort of more dark and earthy in a way, but also more diverse, as with the electronic part in this track.  But what all three albums have in common is that they’re great: catchy music with deep, interesting, and sometimes mysterious lyrics.

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