Not a Great Start for Obama

Seriously, do any of these people pay taxes?  Not Daschle, not Geithner, not Killefer; and let’s not even get into Franken, Rangel, and Dodd.

What’s absurd is how many of these people are (or will be) in positions responsible for financial oversight.

Hope and Change!

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01. Feb 3, 2009 at 11:57pm by Mike:

See, your problem is that you’re letting your ideology control you with hate.  Why can’t you let go of the politics of the past and acquiesce to the agenda of Dear Leader?

Seriously though, we all knew eventually Obama would disappoint on his campaign promises, but I’m not sure anyone thought he would pull a 180 on them this quickly.  He was elected promising to clean up Washington and bring in fresh new moderate ideas that would unite the country and in less than two weeks he has appointed a Cabinet of tax evaders trying to pass an enormous pork bill based on the same old liberal agenda items and when questioned by Republicans, all concerns were answered by the retort, "we won."

Yes, they did win and they have the right to govern the way they please, but I can’t help but feel like the country is already starting to catch on to this song and dance routine despite a still-slobbering media.  It’s probably too much to ask for the Obamatons to see through the Messianic shroud, but here’s hoping more and more Independents and moderate Republicans and Democrats recognize exactly who we let hold the reigns of this country.

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