Obama's First State of the Union Speech

Glenn Reynolds has a roundup of good quotes on the SOTU:

The "stimulus" didn’t produce any jobs, but if we pass a new stimulus and call it a "jobs bill," it will!

More from Cato: "Wonderful, more government-directed investment.  That worked really well with Fannie and Freddie."  Plus this prediction: "He’ll pivot from a new $100 billion jobs bill to cutting the deficit."

Ann Althouse: "Small businesses are good.  Big business sucks though.  We want to help small business grow... so it can become big business and then we can hate it."

"Oh for heaven’s sake.  It’s a freaking stump speech.  You’ve been elected already Mr. President.  Now you have to do things.  See the difference?"

The freeze starts next year?  And I start my diet tomorrow.

Stephen Green: "’I have embraced the vision of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.’  Okay.  Except you embraced the competence of Jimmy Carter & Herbert Hoover."

And Doctor Zero was on fire:

This isn’t a State of the Union speech.  It’s a deluded exit interview from someone who doesn’t realize he’s fired.

So, his new interest in transparency means he’s going to say the word "transparent" a lot.

Talk to your union buddies about what happens to workers who dream of becoming their own bosses.

Endorsing nuclear power and drilling = greatest concession opposing party was right all along in my lifetime.

What I don’t understand is how we could possibly all be here after 200+ years without state-run health care.

Pelosi is going into screen saver mode.

Plus this:

OBAMA’S SPENDING FREEZE IN SIX WORDS: Big Mac, large fries, Diet Coke.

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