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I called Comcast for some tech support, and talked to a guy whose voice sounded like your average Caucasian American, but whose speech and word-choice definitely sounded like someone whose primary language was not English.

While troubleshooting the problem, he said that it might be because of a "restriction" that was placed on my modem.  I asked what that meant, and he gave some response that didn’t really make any sense to me.  I must have sounded concerned about it, because he then told me not to worry, and he explained:

"Restriction" is kind of a heavy word.  Maybe that’s not a good word for it.  What it is is more like a kind of temporary stasis.

I almost laughed out loud.  He sure busted out with a fancy phrase there for someone who sounded pretty ESL.  But ESL and crazy phrases or not, he did get the job done, so good work, Comcast.

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