Christian Issues

Most of these pages answer the question What does the Bible say about such-and-such, and they contain scripture references that deal with the issue, along with a little commentary.

what is God's Word?

is homosexuality wrong?

what about that cult called Catholicism?

damned to hell?

does God change?

should we judge? (more)

should we discriminate?

what's it mean to be born again?

is it wrong to kill unborn babies?

is there a trinity?

do you think you love Jesus?

should we preach?

what's wrong with cursing?

who's interpretation is correct?

can people still speak in tongues?

can molecules-to-man evolution (which is different from proven microevolution) be true?

is anger wrong?

who are the saints?

who makes intercession?

what does the bible say about the role of women? [offsite]

Other good sources of information

the bible online

crosswalk - bible study tools, commentaries, language tools

bible discernment ministries - biblical truth on lots of issues, exposing false teachings and worldly traditions - more solid biblical truth, especially bible versions and reliability, and dangerous cults

the revolution against evolution - presenting scientific truth, exposing the lies of the religion of molecules-to-man evolution, and showing how science supports creation

apologetics press - much more of the same

answers in genesis - much more of the same

Extra-Biblical Proofs of Jesus Christ and the Bible

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