It's not a question of women's rights.  It's a question of human rights.*  If a woman wants to abort herself, I think she should have every right to do it.  But no one should have the right to abort someone else.  We have a word for that... it's called murder.  Women (and men) who are pro-murder should have the same rights as any other common criminal.  The baby should have the same rights as those granted to any other human being... namely, in this case, the right to life.

People need to start taking responsibility for their actions.  Murder is not an acceptable alternative to responsibility.

As for the case of rape/incest, I agree that those things are terrible.  But murder is still murder.  If a woman is raped, does it make her feel better to commit murder?  (The statistics say No, with such women 500% more likely to commit suicide.)  And if so, does that make the murder OK?

Let's think about this.  There are millions of families who cannot have children and seek to adopt instead... so many, in fact, that American couples often need to look overseas to find a child to adopt.  So don't kill the baby.  Put it up for adoption.

What does the bible say about abortion?

The bible is pro-life and anti-abortion, both implicitly and explicitly.  This is explained very simply here (local mirror).

* If you believe that "the baby is not human," then you're just lying to yourself.  What species is it, if not human?