Your Kenko KUT-500 review

Note: This should only be used at the telephoto end of a camera’s zoom range. If used at the wide-angle end, severe vignetting will occur. here is why your having the vignetting i have this lens on the cybershot DSC-S85 also but i dont have that problem

(this page contains the review mentioned here. -ed.)
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01. Aug 6, 2005 at 01:38am by Anthony:

Actually, the two photos with severe vignetting in this set were both taken at full optical telephoto.  The KUT-500 is so long and its front lens is so small that it’s impossible to avoid the vignetting with only 3x zoom available.

However, perhaps you have the "digital zoom" enabled on your DSC-S85?  If so, then you can probably "zoom" far enough towards tele that you get past the black border.  But of course, "digital zoom" isn’t a zoom at all, it’s merely in-camera cropping.  It’s the same thing that I did manually on my PC after taking the shots in that set above: I cropped them to get rid of the black.

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