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I run another blog over on Encodable, and I’m now putting some of my more technical type posts there instead of here on ND.  That’s mainly because blogging == money (or more accurately, blogging == traffic =~ money) for business sites.

So anyway, if those kinds of posts interest you, then you may want to frequent that blog too.

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01. Mar 14, 2006 at 03:28pm by Kev:

I was wondering what the lack of posting here meant... So, I just checked out the tech blog. Good stuff. In addition to the blogging == money thing, following the same logic, the availability of RSS / XML feeds might bring in even more traffic. (I personally do not use a news reader, but the dozens of people who visit my site seem to.)

02. Mar 14, 2006 at 03:42pm by Anthony:

Actually, as soon as I posted this message about the tech blog, I thought, "If I weren’t the author of these sites, I’d probably like to just throw them in my feed reader rather than having to remember to check two separate sites..."

Adding feeds to my blog system is on the to-do list, but blog updates are not at the top of the Encodable to-do list right now, so it could be a while.

03. Mar 15, 2006 at 09:17am by andy:

i might be alone on this one but, "blog" is one of those words that just sounds more and more retarded the more you hear it.  and then things like "blogging"?


seriously, just say "blog" 10 times in a row, you sound like you’re some creature from space.

on a more useful note, yes you should add RSS, so i can put your site on my personalized google page. =)

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