The S is for Sucks

While watching the new movie V for Vendetta on Friday night, all I could think of was Trogdor and how the "s" is for "sucks."

OK, so the movie didn’t totally suck.  It was entertaining and interesting, but also annoying.  The thing is, with all the hype about "it’s by the Wachowski brothers, creators of the Matrix!!1!", I was expecting something great.  I guess I should have more heavily factored the suckiness of Matrix II and III into my expectations.

[Warning: spoilers follow.]

V for Vendetta rather overtly panders to the liberal crowd.  It paints a picture of the future where Great Britain has become a totalitarian state in the wake of an awful terrorist attack.  Of course, in the end it turns out that it was actually the British government who carried out the attacks, in order to have an excuse for stomping out civil liberties and amassing more power in the government.

In other words, it’s everything the crazy leftists believe that America is today.  The ruler of Britain was depicted exactly like Hitler, complete with raised arm, buggin’ out eyeballs, and red flags waving all around him.  If V for Vendetta were a thread on an online forum instead of a movie, it would have been over pretty quickly thanks to Godwin’s Law.

Then there was the pointless lesbian subplot.  Apparently some liberals believe we’re on track for a future where homos are collected up and put away by the government, again Nazi-style.  Never mind the fact that in the real America today, some states have gone so far as to change the centuries-old definitions of words in order to give special rights to homos.

In general, I liked the characters in the movie, I liked what little action / fight scenes there were, and the plot itself wasn’t bad.  They managed to not include the pointless sex scene that virtually every movie has nowadays, so that was cool.  If it weren’t for the whiny liberal tripe underlying the whole thing, I’d give it two pretty solid thumbs up.

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01. Mar 23, 2006 at 06:52am by Maria:

What’s with the creepy clown guy?
(in the movie)

02. Mar 23, 2006 at 01:43pm by Anthony:

From the previews he sorta looks like a creepy clown, but in the movie he’s actually neither.  He’s the main character, and he doesn’t take the mask off once in the entire movie.  It’s to cover his hideous face, apparently.

03. Apr 6, 2006 at 12:02pm by Mike:

Hey, I finally got around to reading this.  You pretty much encapsulated things in your comment on my V post.  The seeds are definitely there to either be pissed off if you’re conservative or shouting "Amen!" if you’re a liberal.  Maybe I purposefully prepared for the worst and chose to enjoy the film if at all possible, but I simply didn’t watch the film through the prism of our current political situation.  Of course at this point, conservatives have a right to be sick and tired of it because liberals apparently delude themselves and scream the same "he’s an evil right-wing fascist!" nonsense every time they’re out of power.

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