Horseback Riding in PA

Last month, Kim and Maria and I went horseback riding at a place called Venture Farms.  It’s an out of the way place on a back-country road with lots of animals: llamas, donkeys, goats, more I can’t remember, and I think nearly 100 horses.

The only other time I’d gone horseback riding was in Colorado.  While the CO ride was through absolute wilderness that was often breathtaking, this local ride was still pretty scenic -- much more so than I was expecting for Pennsylvania.  It’s not that PA isn’t beautiful -- it definitely is -- but in some ways it just doesn’t compare to Colorado.  But we rode along some ridges with nice views of the countryside, in addition to going through some woods and riding on roads briefly.

One thing about the ride in CO is that the horses didn’t run at all: they walked very leisurely.  I was expecting the same thing this time, but to my surprise, at quite a few points during the hour-long ride, the horses started running!  My horse seemed especially eager and probably ran the most out of the whole group.  I would guess that my horse was moving at somewhere around 20-30 MPH, but it seemed extremely fast, and was easily one of the most exciting things I’ve ever experienced.

My only complaint about Venture Farms is that the woman who was the group leader seemed to be either in a foul mood or was just not very nice.  There were 5 other people riding with us, and the leader constantly told me to keep going when I would slow down to try and keep pace with Maria, whose horse was a little pokey.  And when the ride was over, we were hanging around a little bit checking out all the other animals, but we got the distinct feeling that they wanted us to leave right away.

Speaking of those other animals, one of them was a goat, which had a fresh baby goat with it, and the baby goat would jump up on its mother’s back, and stand up on it.  He just stood there while his mom walked around.  It reminded me of Mario standing on top of some of the bad guys as they move around in Mario 2.  It was really funny, and Kim got a video of it, which I’m hoping she will post on YouTube.

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01. Dec 16, 2006 at 09:33am by Maria:

That was so fun! Thanks for taking me! I hope we can go again in the spring, and maybe bring Sammie? (and maybe go to a a different place? =])
We still have to finish our game of Phase 10!
See you soon ^.^

02. Sep 17, 2008 at 09:48am by Anne:

I happened across your report on your horseback riding experience in PA.  I am so sorry that your guide wasn’t more fun.  I would love for you to ride with me at my farm or at Codorus State Park in South Central PA.  You will see beautiful country and wildlife on our ride.  I take people out riding 7 days a week, by appointment.  Codorus State Park is located east of Hanover, PA.  My farm is 3098 Buffalo Valley Road, Spring Grove,  PA  17362, only 5 miles from the park.  The park is also known as Lake Marburg.  My number is 717-235-1647, I hope I hear from you soon.

Anne Bathon

03. Sep 17, 2008 at 10:05am by Anthony:

Thanks for your comment and for letting us know about your farm.  You’re about 2 hours away from us, but we’ll definitely keep you in mind next time!

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