Kettle Corn

Today Kim came home with two big bags of Hall of Fame Kettle Corn popcorn from Dale and Thomas.  It’s really good: a little sweet and a little salty.  The sweetener they use in it is sugar -- crazy, right?

A few years ago I discovered this kind of sweet and salty "kettle corn" popcorn at the grocery store.  It was made by Pop Secret and I loved it.  But one day I happened to notice the ingredients and saw that it was sweetened not with sugar, but with sucralose (Splenda).  Of course I’m not going to intentionally eat that crap, so I had to give up the kettle corn, as every brand I found in the grocery store was sweetened with sucralose instead of sugar.

I can understand why some companies would choose an artificial sweetener over sugar: it’s likely cheaper than the real thing, and many consumers are obsessed with the idea of a magical substance that will allow them to lose weight while eating too much, which is how these substances are marketed.  But I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a single popcorn maker who used natural sweeteners in their popcorn.

Well, Dale and Thomas does, so kettle corn is back.

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