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On the Factor on Monday, Bill and Cavuto made a couple of interesting points.  These two points are actually pretty obvious; the problem is that there seem to be large numbers of people who fail to realize them.

Regarding the 2000-page health-care bill that congress produced, Bill made the point that with this bill, the government is essentially saying just trust us.  That’s because few if any citizens -- or politicians for that matter -- will actually read the bill, since a) despite Obama’s promises of transparency they likely will not release the bill to the public, and b) even if they did, 2000 pages is absurdly, shockingly, stupidly long, and it will be incomprehensible regardless.

It should be alarming to everyone, Democrat or Republican or otherwise, that this is how our government operates.

Then Cavuto pointed out the fact that the bill will still leave millions of Americans uninsured.  But "millions of uninsured Americans" is what this bill was supposed to be fixing in the first place, so what’s the point?  The point is not so much to improve health care; it’s for the federal government to effect a massive power-grab to the tune of one trillion dollars.

The phrase "out-of-control spending" is cliched, but that’s exactly what this is: out-of-control spending from an out-of-control government.  So many of these politicians are tax cheats and corrupt in other ways that it’s not surprising that this is how they operate, but it is surprising how so few regular people seem concerned about it.  The tea parties are on the right track, though, and despite what you hear from moronic hollywood and media types, the tea parties are not really about Obama and they’re certainly not about racism; they’re about corrupt government and out-of-control spending.

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01. Nov 5, 2009 at 11:35am by Mom:

Please, everyone needs to get involved; if you don’t pick up your phone you have no right to complain.  Call your Representatives and Congressmen today, tomorrow and everyday.  This Pa. General Assembly website will give you all the contact numbers you need if you live in Montgomery County.  If you live in other counties go to this site.    Just tell them how you feel.  They WANT to hear from us, yes, everyday in order to bring our voices to the Federal level.  This is why we elected them, because we cannot drive to Washington each week and get a sit-down meeting this those people.  This is the job of our representatives; talk to them, make them hear you over and over so that they KNOW you mean it.  Make them earn their money by representing us which is a requirement of their job.

OK, now I’ll get off my soapbox and make my calls, again :)

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