That was one heck of a finale.  It was nothing earth-shattering, it was just good old-fashioned 24 action.  As Rolly said to me a few weeks ago: "Seeing Jack Bauer single-handedly take out a room full of bad guys -- that never gets old."  So true.

It still kinda bugs me that several of the final episodes were built around the need to physically deliver a data file that should obviously have been sent electronically.  How many times have we seen characters in 24 send all manner of data from CTU to a field agent and vice-versa over the years?  It’s always amazed me how Jack’s phone could accept any kind of data card he might come across.  Maybe he upgraded to an iPhone for the final season.

That’s really no big deal, though, and plenty of other unbelievable things happen in 24, none of which make the show any less awesome.  It’s been a great run and I’ll miss 24.  But hey, Jack’s still out there...

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