Mirrors, Starring Jack Bauer

The movie Mirrors nominally stars Kiefer Sutherland, but make no mistake: that guy who’s threatening old men and taking nuns hostage at gunpoint is Jack Bauer.

As horror movies go, Mirrors was pretty good.  It has a relatively flimsy core premise, as is required for all horror movies.  But it doesn’t require that you suspend your disbelief for 100% of the movie, as many horror films do.

Then again I’m pretty heavily biased towards any movie starring Kiefer/Jack, so your mileage may vary.

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We're Running Out Of Time! (Still!)

The other night we watched the movie Dark City, which I hadn’t seen in about 10 years, not since it first came out.  I was surprised to see that, even 10 years ago, Jack Bauer Kiefer Sutherland was already delivering his trademark line, "we’re running out of time!"  He was even holding a gun and threatening some dude at the time.  It was great.  Even better than when his friend delivered the same line in Flatliners.

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The Upside of the Recession

Scott Adams nails it as usual:

It’s expensive to travel anywhere, but on the other hand, the new season of 24 is almost here.  I don’t need to go to faraway places and meet people when I can sit on my couch and watch Jack Bauer shoot those people.

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24: The Unaired 1994 Pilot

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We're Running Out Of Time!

24 fans, if you haven’t watched the movie Flatliners since before you started watching 24, you should watch it again.  Not only because of one particularly hilarious and well-delivered line, but also to see where Jack Bauer got his toughness.

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Jack Bauer's Cell Phone

Over time we’ve seen Jack plug any and all manner of media into his cell phone -- memory cards, 5-and-a-quarter-inch floppies, clay tablets... why can’t he plug the darn recording into there and just transmit it back to CTU already??!?

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24 Turtleface?

Is is just me or does Jack look like a turtle? I mean, if the camera shows just his face, his serious face, he kinda looks like a mud-slider( my teacher has one, and they look alike).

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24: Jack and Aaron FTW

This week’s episode of 24 was fantastic.  OK, so every episode is fantastic, but after weeks and weeks of good guys dying left and right, it’s nice to have a week where the good guys in their various subplots all not only live, but win.

Did you notice how when Wayne snuck up on Aaron he had an M16 or some such beast, but then after the commercial break Aaron had the M16 and Wayne just had a pistol?  I’d love to know what it was that Aaron said to Wayne in order to get the big gun.  Aaron is a man of so few words, and he’s so tough, I’m sure whatever it was, it would have been hilarious to witness.

And this has got to be one of the greatest Jack Bauer lines of all time:

Quoting Jack Bauer:

He’s using you.  He wanted you to get inside my head, and it worked.  And now I’m... upset.  You have three seconds to tell me where the target is or I will kill you.

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Not to bump your exciting business news from top billing but it’s all your fault for getting me hooked.  And jumping in at day 5 is confusing.  Especially when we’re watching earlier days being rerun on the A&E channel the hour before tonights premier started and I have no idea which day it is or what time it started.  Yikes!  But it is a great show; however, I feel my heart racing various times throughout the shows and I’m hoping my age can handle it :)  Just kidding.

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Kim and I watched the movie Hostage yesterday (Bruce Willis, 2005).  I really liked it, and I think that any other fan of 24 would like it too.  I’ll post a comment with more specifics; don’t read the comments on this post if you don’t want to see spoilers!

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