Five Ducks With Bacon

During our trip to Jay Peak last week, I ate duck for the first time.  It was stuffed with apricot and it was pretty good.

Last night, I dreamed that Kim and I were out at a restaurant.  She ordered a mushroom salad, but in real life she hates mushrooms.  I love mushrooms, though, and I hadn’t seen that item on the menu, so when the waiter asked me for my order, I was frantically flipping through the menu trying to find it, in case I wanted to order it too.

But when I finally found the "mushroom salad," it was a sandwich, and I thought that didn’t sound very good.  On the opposing page, I saw "Five Ducks With Bacon", which the photo showed as 5 strips of bacon along with 5 strips of duck meat cut to about the same size and shape as bacon.  I ordered it, but woke up before getting the chance to try it.

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01. Feb 22, 2009 at 11:06pm by Mike:

Wow, you have really detailed dreams.  Speaking of bacon, yesterday some friends and I made one of these bad boys.  It was glorious.

02. Feb 23, 2009 at 01:03pm by Anthony:

Holy cow, that looks amazing.  As the old saying goes, "What could be better than bacon?"  Clearly adding some sausage couldn’t hurt.

Continuing to speak of bacon: I’ve been meaning to post about this awesome-looking bacon pie that I recently discovered.  I gotta try that soon.

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