We’re pet-sitting Heidi this week.  I’m really not used to having a dog around the house.

When I’m talking to clients on the phone, I always use the speakerphone, because I usually need to be typing and/or clicking the mouse while talking to them.

For some reason, this often causes the cats to flock to my desk, get on my lap, and sometimes meow a lot.  Occasionally a client will hear the meowing, and they’ll say aw, is that your cat, etc.  No big deal.

But today when I get on the phone, Heidi comes in, plops down next to my desk where her food bowl is, and starts crunching away.  I mean Captain friggin’ Crunching away.  The loudest crunching that I’ve ever heard and, I’m sure, that my client has ever heard.  She politely pretended not to notice.

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Cheshire and Chloe

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My January cat photos are posted.

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Cat Videos

Probably the best thing about working from home is being able to spend all day every day with your cat.  Here are a few cat videos showing Cheshire doing funny stuff around the house.  The "wind" videos aren’t bad but the "water" ones are great.

I’ve also just finished adding a feature to my photos pages whereby video files such as these can be played right within the page, instead of having to click a "download" link to view the video in a separate application on your system.  But embedding videos in web pages like this is tricky and error-prone so please let me know whether/how it works for you.

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Hello squirrel face  ( :

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Puppies, puppies everywhere : )

Sinjin is a daddy!!  His nine puppies were born on Mother’s day...  3 boys and 6 girls.  The mother of the puppies is the sister (and litter mate) of our sweet beloved Kiraly. Three are sold already, but the rest are up for grabs...  They are AKC Weimaraners, champion bloodlines on both sides.  Penny, I’ll email you pics, can you put them on here?  Hmmm, can you have a dog at your new apartment???

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Cute Little Kittens

No, really.

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