We’re pet-sitting Heidi this week.  I’m really not used to having a dog around the house.

When I’m talking to clients on the phone, I always use the speakerphone, because I usually need to be typing and/or clicking the mouse while talking to them.

For some reason, this often causes the cats to flock to my desk, get on my lap, and sometimes meow a lot.  Occasionally a client will hear the meowing, and they’ll say aw, is that your cat, etc.  No big deal.

But today when I get on the phone, Heidi comes in, plops down next to my desk where her food bowl is, and starts crunching away.  I mean Captain friggin’ Crunching away.  The loudest crunching that I’ve ever heard and, I’m sure, that my client has ever heard.  She politely pretended not to notice.

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