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the get up kids. humm. *if you haven’t heard these guys you don’t know what emo is* that statement has NO truth to it what so ever. and not every band is *emo* have you ever heard of cursive or poison the well. the get up kids is probably the LEAST *emo* band on your list. goodjob

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Check this out

Nate got a new car and it’s just gorgeous, and he took an amazing photo of it with this crazy sky and everything... check it out.

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Sleep.... please....

It is now 10AM, and Jeremy and I stayed up all night working on math homework. Konstantin stayed up too, and worked on a little Greek homework... but I think really he just didn’t want to be left out. So... I have to stay awake from now until 3:30 so that I can take my CSE quiz and hand in my math homework.  Oh, and then I have to stay awake to finish my (other) CSE project documentation.  Hmmm fun.

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OAO’s playing in the HUB, so that’s where I be!

If you’re not there, go see the interview.

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new band

new band. check us out at . these are just rough recordings. tell us what you think of us. our website is currently down ( but our temp site is up at

the lead hour

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Last weekend I discovered that Jack Straw Road, the road that the beefalo lives on & where I got lots of pretty fall photos last year, was recently paved. It was so nice and rustic last year as a stone road in the backwoods, and now it’s practically a freeway.

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Wegman's is Unstoppable

If I ever had any doubts (which I didn’t) regarding the supremacy of Wegman’s among other stores, they are now fully allayed. This morning I was shopping there and they had Deep Forest on the stereo! DEEP FOREST!  They are such an esoteric, interesting, non-mainstream band... I don’t even know of anyone else who’s heard of them besides my brothers.  And Wegman’s was playing them IN THE STORE!  Go Wegman’s!

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Not enough time...

These 2 weeks are too packed. Exams and gigantic homeworks and projects and everything.

When I haven’t been studying or doing homework, I managed to finally get one of my LCD screens working! So I got to work bringing my mp3 frontend script up to speed.  Sometime soon (read: Christmas if I’m lucky...) maybe I’ll get this guy into my car.  But in the meantime check him out on this page.

So on my way back to school Sunday evening, I saw what was easily one of the top 5 sunsets I’ve ever seen.  I’m convinced that there’s a universal law akin to Murphy’s law that states "if Anthony is driving and/or late for a meeting, then the sunset will be particularly amazing."

And the cops were rolling thick the whole way to school... I passed about 10 of them who’d pulled people over.  That makes me so angry.  That is such a huge waste of resources that are desperately needed to combat actual wrongdoing in society.  There is no data to support the claim that "speeding" (which is merely exceeding an arbitrarily chosen number) causes accidents, but that seems to have no bearing on reality for these people.  There are roads in many states and other countries with no speed limit and the incidence of accidents is no higher there.  Grrr, anyway...

Pigeon Jimmy John is the new James Bond.  I’m taking out you suckers and you don’t know how I did it.

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New Layout!

It’s time for a change. Colors are a little more bold, and my best/most interesting/personal favorite photos are more accessible. Comments?

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laundry empowerment

doing laundry today, i felt very compelled to throw the shirt i was wearing in the wash too...but i needed to wear it, but it’ll need to be washed cuz i’ll be done wearing it today... oh man. does anyone else get in that sort of dilema? it’s like, it’s cleansing is within immediate grasp yet it is in use...but not for long. man if i was that shirt i’d be like, "oh no, i’m missing the boat! that means i’ll be sitting in that laundry basket for like 2 weeks!! no no put me in put me in!" but that would just mean i’d have to wear another shirt anyway. it’s like some sort of loop kinda. ok that’s all.

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New Moon Photos!

Well ok, it’s not new moon, it’s a half-moon. Photos of a new moon wouldn’t be very exciting.  Anyway... I have in my possession a Kenko 5x zoom lens.  My camera has a built-in 3x zoom.  That means I have 15x of zoom ability.  Woohoo!  I can see craters!

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Going into J4 with Kaiser. If you don’t hear from me within a day or so, come find me      : )

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Let's be a little more specefic....

Lets be a little more specefic shall we? I like to check back here everyonce and a while just to see the pictures and check out the cool stuff anthony does with the site.  A former Penn Stater myself, I left the school after 3 years to persue a dream of a career in Photography.  I now attend the Antonelli Art Institute near Philadelphia.  The best school for photography.  Check it out at  Also, check out my photos while your surfin’ around!  Visit  Have a great day, and God Bless.  ::Steve::

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Hello, My name is Stephen.  I like to take pictures.

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Conquering stuff...

Dmitri is playing piano in the next room... so nice. Did I mention that I love living here?

The basement (my future bedroom complete with bathroom, door to the backyard, and my drumset) should be mostly done this weekend... done enough so that I can move in. I can’t wait.

My fancy new Igloo Spacemate mini-refrigerator arrived this week!  It operates on the thermoelectric principle (removinging heat via electricity and some trickiness), so it doesn’t have a compressor, so it’s about silent.  And it’s really light.  And it holds lots.

This is a very scattered post.

Plans for my parallel port LCD screen (and eventually my car mp3 player) are moving along nicely.  After buring out two LCD screens, learning that I had the wrong schematics, and discovering that what I read online (that all HD44780 LCDs are pin-compatible) was a complete lie, I am ready to move forward.  I am excited.

I also got a 5x zoom lens for my camera!  Combined with my camera’s built-in 3x that means I have 15x of zoom.  That is otherworldly powerful.  But it’s been overcast since I got it, so I haven’t been able to take any moon photos.  Anyway, the cool thing about this lens is that it was only $20 more than the 2x lens that I got (and will return) a couple weeks ago at Circuit City.  You really do save so much money by shopping online.

And, I had an EE310 exam tonight from 8-10, and it went really well.

So it’s been an awesome day/week.  Kaiser is coming out from his school this weekend, and we’re going to check out J4 and go biking and stuff.  Woohoo!

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No Subject

hey the JMP came by my school too.. i didnt get to check them out though, which was saddening...

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What did you call yourself?

Oh, and extra special thanks to people like Katie! (Sept. 11, ~10pm) who actually write their names on my site. It makes the whole thing so much more fun and worthwhile.

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And tons and tons of cheese goes blub blub blub

Saw a really neat band tonight with Jeremy and Ann called the Jazz Mandolin Project, they were superb. All instrumental... a mandolin, a real bass, and a fantastic jazz drummer.  One of those "holy cow he’s so good" drummers... plays in his socks, with his eyes closed, holds the sticks so gently yet plays so precisely, so powerfully.  He’s the kind of drummer that makes me want to just practice my drums all day every day.  Also, the bass player used a bow sometimes, and I realized that that’s why the bass (and probably lots of other instruments, by tradition) is shaped like it is, with cutouts in the middle of the sides.  If those cutouts weren’t there, he wouldn’t have been able to play the endmost string because the bow would hit the body of the bass.  So I thought that was really interesting.

Oh yeah, and for those who know, the a-to-the-wizzy factor is in full effect.  Moreso with every encounter, it seems.

And speaking of the Full Effect, today was such a nice, cool, breezy day.  After classes I drove around a little, with the windows down and Reggie blasting on the stereo, and it was good.

So over the weekend I got a new external zoom lens for my Sony DSC-S85 digital camera.  It’s a 2x zoom lens, so combined with my camera’s built-in 3x optical zoom, that means I now have 6x of zoom power!  I can’t wait to try it on a nice, close, full moon.... of course, now that I have some decent zoom power, the next lunar perigee isn’t till APRIL 2003     : (     which means that the moon is about 5000km farther away now than it will be in April.  So I’ll have to zoom in on other less interesting things in the meantime.

Oh, Nate has a neat picture of himself with his hands on fire, so go see it. No, he’s not satan, he’s just a little crazy.

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Wegman's adventure

I love Wegman’s. It’s such a spectacular store. They have more unique groceries than any other store, plus they have multiple mini-restaurants inside: a bakery, a sub shop, a Chinese food salad-bar type thing... and just tonight I found out they have a photo-processing lab, and you can take media from digital cameras like Memory Stick, Smart Media, and CompactFlash, and they’ll make prints right from them!

And I love going to Wegman’s.  I walk there, because it’s sorta right through my back yard.  It takes about 8 minutes to walk there, and in a car it takes maybe 5 minutes.  See, I go out my back door and walk across the backyard into the woods.  I walk through the woods for a couple minutes, and come to a brick fence with metal bars atop the brick.  So I have to climb that fence, and then I’m out on this really neat new "collonade" street, and Wegman’s is just a little up the road there.  I don’t know, maybe I’m just easily amused, but it feels like a little adventure when I go there.  Maybe it’s because I’ve never lived anywhere that was within walking distance to a commercial area.  But it’s so neat to me that I can walk out my backdoor and go through the woods and hop the fence and BAM, I’m just a couple minutes from Wegman’s.  And, right next to Wegman’s, there’s a Dick’s Sporting Goods, a Target, and a Circuit City across the street.  If you ask me, that’s all pretty spectacular.

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If you can read this....

Someone whose email address starts with cait325 recently emailed me... but my email form had an error, and I didn’t get the full email address. So, if this is you, please write to me again, send an email to anthony at nodivisions dot com, so I can reply! Thanks.

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Ridiculous reporting never ends

I’m so tired of hearing politicians say "there’s no evidence that Saddam Hussein is building weapons of mass destruction." For 4 years, he has refused to allow weapons inspectors into his country. Why would anyone refuse such an inspection, other than because they’re developing weapons they don’t want the world to know about?  It’s not that he definitely is, it’s that we have absolutely no idea whether he is.  And that’s the whole point of the UN weapons inspectors -- to make sure no country is secretly developing/stockpiling weapons.

It’s one thing to be a politician and say "I don’t think Saddam is developing such weapons."  That would be fine, but no one says that.  They say "there’s no evidence" and "Saddam is not a threat."  That’s either deliberately misleading, or simply uninformed.  Saddam Hussein is a tryant, a dictator, who tortures and kills not only prisoners, but his own government officials in order to maintain his control.  He has been doing that for longer than I’ve been alive.  To watch such a man reign over his country, watch him deny weapons inspections for 4 years, and then say "he’s not a threat"... the kind of person who could say such a thing does not belong anywhere near the government of any country.

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so ant and me went shopping at this massive place that maybe is a supermarket called wegmans. (i’m sure it’s more like "i have boxes of stuff you want" organism) but at any rate, so we were there and we bought yogurt!  i am so happy. because with yogurt, you can just sit back and have a nice cool one to relax. nothing to it. but wait there’s more!  i just found out the stuff is alive too!  it’s like active culture of milk or something...which i knew, but like man, i didn’t really connect with the idea it’s probably watching me knock a spoon into it.  so well, that makes me happy too, it’s like i’m not alone either. like i know i’m not, but it’s like now i have a pet, like a dog, but not dirty and it lives in a nice container and i can eat it anytime. it’s so exciting. now all i have to do is like run to my refrigerator and open the door and say "here boy" (and you know i have to pick it up by myself but..) and it jumps into my hand all ready for consumption. it’s kinda like rover getting the paper, in some round sort of way. oh yes.

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A good year

I think I’m going to like this year. I have a bearable credit-load, I’m living with my Russian friends in the house they fixed up and made pretty, Jeremy comes over every night and plays acoustic guitar for us... so far, this year is shaping up nicely. Jehovahjireh.

In other news, Nate made fun of me for using my 4.1 megapixel digital camera but only taking photos at 1600x1200, which only uses about 2 megapixels. The only reasons to use higher resolution are 1) to make bigger prints, and 2) to be able to "zoom in" digitally after the photo is taken. I hardly ever make prints, so (1) isn’t a concern... but it would be handy to be able to zoom in more and blow up parts of a photo. So... maybe I’ll start taking bigger photos.

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bellsouth dial up nightmare disc needed

need a driver for bellsouth dail up need to reinstall and have no disk can any1 help me get my friend stable online please urgant

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So I’ve been sort of worried for the past year or so, realizing that I never eat any vegetables like broccoli, green beans, etc... and figuring that that can’t be good, and something bad is just bound to happen. But you know what, lettuce is a vegetable, a green one no less, and I eat salad all the time -- a giant meal-sized salad 3 or 4 times a week. So that’s how I manage to stay so healthy all the time!

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