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Google Maps + Terraserver

If you live in or around a big city, then Google Maps provides you with high-resolution satellite imagery of your area.  But in more rural areas, the available satellite imagery is much lower resolution.

Terraserver on the other hand has always seemed to have high-res photos of nearly everywhere in the US.  They may be a little older and in black & white, but it’s better than having no high-res imagery at all.  But the problem is that after being introduced to the joy of the Google Maps interface, Terraserver’s boring old interface is such a pain to use.

Enter  This site combines Google Maps with the imagery database from Terraserver.  Just use the "DOQ" link in the upper right-hand corner.

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German Coast Guard Video

Check out this German Coast Guard Video.  Fantastic.

(Note: you might have to right-click the link and choose Save As or Save Target.)

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A Little Tip: Refresh

If a website (like let’s say "") looks totally messed up in your browser, it may be because the developer did some updates, but your browser is still using old versions of the updated files.

A simple fix that you can always try (it never hurts anything) is to do a control+refresh.  That is, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard, then click the Refresh/Reload button in your browser’s toolbar.

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Windmill Photos & Photos For Sale

I’ve just posted my first photo set in quite a while: Windmills from back in September of last year.  I’ve been meaning to post these for a few months now.

I’ve also just updated my photo section to include a photo-selling feature.  This feature was primarily created for Caleb Foster, though it’s something I’ve been meaning to add for some time.

Caleb is selling both prints and the original full-resolution image files for some of his select shots; I’m selling just the image files, and for now I’ve done a blanket-enable of the sale feature for all of my photos, rather than picking certain ones.  I’ll probably go through and select some of them to not sell, or I may just do like Caleb and only pick certain ones for sale.  For now it’s all of them though.

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The other day, Kim bought these felt pads for some of our furniture:

posted image

But apparently they slipped a little something extra into the package:

posted image

(show full-size image viewer)

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Did you see it?

As usual, I’m late with the news but wanted to give everyone a heads-up on a lesser repeat next year in May.  Reading yesterdays newspaper today I saw the report on the sequence of numbers that occurred yesterday in the a.m. and again in the afternoon.  I missed both :(

01:02:03 04/05/06

I love these things.

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24 Turtleface?

Is is just me or does Jack look like a turtle? I mean, if the camera shows just his face, his serious face, he kinda looks like a mud-slider( my teacher has one, and they look alike).

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Ban Cilantro (or: a Brief Review of Boston's Sports Bar)

Tonight Kim and I ate at this new restaurant called Boston’s Sports Bar and Grill.  We were eyeing up their BBQ Chicken Pizza but it had cilantro on it, and we couldn’t figure out what that was.  I thought it was somehow like parsley, but wasn’t really sure.

I asked the waitress, and she said that it was, in fact, parsley, and she even said "you can’t really taste it."  So we got the pizza with the cilantro, and while it’s similar in appearance to parsley, that’s where the similarities end.  The taste is very strong, which sucks because its taste is the taste of soap.  After a few bites of it I realized where I’d tasted that before: in certain salsas.  In fact whenever I buy salsa I buy ChiChi’s brand because Tostitos’ salsa tastes like soap; it’s all so clear now that I know why.

So I vote that we ban cilantro.  Admittedly, it’s not quite the most offensive food known to man -- a distinction which I reserve for gorgonzola cheese -- but it’s pretty nasty.

The pizza itself was pretty good, but the crust was entirely tasteless.  It was strange; they’re all about their "gourmet" pizzas but the crust was not unlike cardboard.  The other strange thing was the french onion soup that I got as an appetizer: the cheese on it was some of the best french-onion-soup cheese I’ve ever had, but in the soup itself, in addition to there being the normal onions, there were soggy breaded onion rings.  Normally french onion soup has bread or croutons in it, and they get soggy and it’s all good.  But the soggy onion rings were just nasty.

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