Solar Energy Timeline

Quoting Cringely:

The result of this relentless application of Moore’s Law to the solar industry is that we can see a time in that near future when the cost of producing a watt of electricity from a solar cell on your roof will be approximately the same as the cost of delivering that same watt over a power line from an electric utility.  And of course that means that 18 months after that point the solar watt will cost HALF of what the same power would cost from the electric company, which will completely change the game.

The time when that electricity cost parity will be reached, I’m told, is seven years from now.  Just think of the impact that will have on electric utilities!  Why would any of us continue to buy our power from them?  We might use them as a giant storage battery and possibly for backup on cloudy days, but why would we use them at all for power if we can generate it cheaper at home?  You can bet that’s a question the electric power generating industry is asking itself.

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01. Nov 10, 2008 at 04:40pm by Anthony:

Apparently the DOE agrees with this assessment:

The DOE predicts that solar electricity will be cheaper than the average grid price by 2015.

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