Belkin Modem/Router & VPN


What I have:

  • I have a Belkin F5D9230-4 Modem / Router.

  • The ADSL, Ethernet and WIFI connections all work well and I connect to the Internet without hassles.

  • What I want to do:

  • I however also want to access my company’s network via a VPN that runs over the Internet.

  • For this, the company uses VPN-1 SecureRemote.

  • Before I bought the Modem / Router, I used Microsoft’s Internet Connection Sharing.
  • This worked well, but only when I chose the IP range 9.x.x.x as recommended by my company.

  • *Apparently we have to do this, since the private A,B & C address ranges are all used internally.

    What is not working:

  • Now, using the private IP addresses assigned by the router, I cannot access the VPN.

  • The router does not allow me to assign public IP addresses to my computers in the LAN / WLAN.
  • Can someone please help me?


    Posted by Martin on 1 reply


    01. Dec 13, 2006 at 07:36pm by Stephen:

    There should be a setting within the router’s software to create either a special application passthrough (port) or what’s called a "DMZ" where the specific machine is directly exposed to the external network...

    The following page has an image that looks like what I would assume the config page to look like (I don’t have a Belkin myself...)

    Hope that helps!

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