I get a "Daily Dilbert" comic in my email every day, and once in a while I get a Dilbert Newsletter. The most recent one was hilarious, especially this part... I know a few people like this:

Running Water

Is there an Induhvidual in your house who doesn’t understand that when you’re using a sink you can’t hear conversation directed at you from another room? If so, try this little speech.

My Running-Water Speech:

"I can hear a vague buzzing sound that I believe is you, trying to talk to me from another room while I am using the sink. Believe it or not, the physics of sound have not changed that much since the last fifty times you tried unsuccessfully to yak at me from another room while I was using the sink. Tomorrow, when you try again, I will still not be able to hear you over the sound of running water in the sink."

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