I just read this on prayer at a devotional a friend referred me to:

We must press on in prayer. God hears our prayers, but sometimes it seems He His long in answering them. Sometimes He doesn’t answer them as we would like, but this is no excuse not to pray. As Christians we pray. It is what we do and the blessings that are ours through prayer we probably will not know until glory.


Posted by Patrick Copland on 2 replies


01. Aug 5, 2003 at 12:53pm by Anthony:

That reminds me of something I heard on Focus on the Family a month or two ago, called "What I Love About Heaven."  I listened to it online, but now it looks like the audio stream isn’t there anymore.  I’m gonna keep looking though.

But it was hilarious, and also really interesting.  He was talking about how ridiculous it is that some people think heaven will be boring... as if the God who created all of existence would somehow have trouble entertaining us easily-amused humans.  The things of this world entertain us, so how much more could we be entertained, happy, and excited in heaven?  Not to mention the fact that God promised us treasures beyond our comprehension.

02. Aug 6, 2003 at 8:49pm by Patrick Copland:

I guess the real reason I sent it was the part at the end about "we probably will not know until glory."  That is pretty deep.  Knowing our limits of understanding, I am sure it is the truth.

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