Five Iron Frenzy

Awesome, awesome, they are the awesomest!  Five Iron Frenzy played in Anderson last night and it was so fricken’ awesome!  It’s the "Winners never quit Tour" with Holland and Bleach.  Holland was kind of disappointing live, though I do like what I have heard of their CD, but Bleach put on a pretty good show.  Well, the fact that we got to go backstage for their preformance might have helped, too.  But, of course, Five Iron put on the best show.  They’re not my favorite band to listen to, but they are my favorite to see live.  Reese, the lead singer, is so goofy.  Just the stuff he does on stage is hilarious.  Also, random stuff just seems to happen with them.  Somebody gave him a comb while he was singer and it started a whole barrage of items being thrown on-stage ranging from shoes to a stuffed turtle to a potato masher.  (Yes, a potato masher)  The really cool thing about Reese is the fact that, unlike other bands, he doesn’t act all high and mighty.  Before and after every concert, he is always out front talking to people.  The funny thing is, most people don’t recognize that it’s him and freak out when he goes on stage when they realize they were just talking to him.  Well, unfortunatly, I will never see Five Iron live again, but hopefully Brave Saint Saturn can suffice me for a while.

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01. Oct 9, 2003 at 10:30pm by Tajone:

Awww that’s great. I had tickets to see Five Iron Frenzy when they came to Gloucester County.....But that was the night of the hurrican Isabel and the area I live in was in state of emergency. So I missed out. My parents gave me the choice to go but they  accompanied it with a guit trip(If you know what i mean). I saw bleach and holland last november when they played with relient k, they’re great. This was going to be my first and obviously last five iron frenzy show......but I guess now all i have is the whole ticket stub and all to remember the time I missed a great show becausew of the wind!

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