I brought CJ to school with me!  I am well beyond stoppable now.  (In case you didn’t know, CJ is the best cat of all time.)

He survived the 3-hour trip OK.  It was really funny to watch him walk around the basement here when I first let him out of the car carry cage.  His eyes were gigantic and his every step was carefully calculated for the first hour or so.  He won’t follow me up the stairs to the first floor, and when I opened the basement door to the backyard, he sniffed the air, took a few steps out, and then came right back in.  I think he’s overwhelmed.  There’s a tiny space between my hanging-file caddy, my old monitor, and some plastic containers -- a space just big enough for a cat, with a narrow opening to get into it -- and when CJ isn’t in my lap or following me around, he’s sleeping in that space.

He has no problem eating, but he won’t drink the water (not that I blame him; the water is awfully chemically here, and I won’t drink it either).  But I put some spring water in a bowl, and he didn’t drink that either, at least not while I was watching.  But the food is in his food bowl from home, and the water is in a normal bowl from here, so maybe that has something to do with it.  Or maybe he is drinking it, and he just doesn’t drink very much very fast.

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