This is the strangest spam I’ve ever received:

From: rick byerly <>
Subject: weird but funny animation
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 01:36:56 -0800

the mullet catcher animation

if you don’t want to be emailed animations just reply to this email with the subject: remove...

(Interestingly, there is no To: header on the message at all.)

At that website, there’s a short flash animation of some kid with a vacuum sucking up some other kid by the mullet, and then tying him up, and sprinkling chocolate flakes on some kind of toast or something, while the tied-up mullet kid watches.  It’s thoroughly bizarre.

Then, it automatically redirects you to a page where they’re selling a CD full of "eclectic" farm music.  You can sample each track, and each sample is a flash page with music playing and some weird photo, like a horse or llama or something.

Nowhere on any of the pages are there any ads, no flashy graphics, no begging you to buy their stuff.  If all spam were as off-the-wall and unobtrusive as this, it would be considerably less bothersome.

Posted by Anthony on 1 reply


01. Jan 23, 2004 at 07:33pm by Mom:

Sounds too scary for me to look at:-z

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