I’ve been waiting for this for a couple years now.  It’s a handheld computer that’s a real computer -- not a Palm device, but an x86 PC with a real processor (1GHz Transmeta), real storage (20GB disk, not flash), a real screen (landscape, not portrait, and 800px wide at that), a real OS (Windows XP, not CE) and a full keyboard built-in.  And it literally fits in your pocket; its dimensions are <5 x ~3.5 x <1 inches.  Less than one inch thick!  And the screen is also a pen-based touch screen.

Check out the specs, photos, and video on the website, and also this video which is an interview with the CTO explaining some of the features.

It’s due out in the fall and will cost "less than $2000."  Now, where did I put that $2000 for which I have no other use...

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