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Ok, so when I initially installed Gentoo on my laptop (which, aside from my router is the only computer I have left) I had all the files from my desktop system that I couldn’t burn to CD (ran out, and out of money) on there, and so, I shrunk the windows partition down as much as I could, and then installed...

Flash forward to, well, yesterday.  I emerged qtparted (think partition magic + linux + qt) and went to resize the windows partition by about 5gb to dedicate to /home (because I was rushed to install linux, and just made 1 partition) and when I went to fdisk /dev/hda, it told me i needed to delete a partition and create an extended partition.....

Well, the only partition i could POSSIBLY get rid of, would be, the swap partition, so I am wondering how you are doing still with the no-swap partition...  It’s been about a week or so now right?  Just curious.

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01. Jun 3, 2004 at 05:31pm by Anthony:

It’s been fine.  And for months before this, whenever I’d see my swap usage become >0, I’d run swapoff -a and then swapon -a to clear it out.  So really, I’ve been running swapless for a long time, it’s just that now, I don’t have the hassle of manually clearing it out.

02. Jun 4, 2004 at 02:34am by steev:

ahh, alrighty, well, im just curious, not sure if I can even delete the partition, and then, use it to create a new extended partition if the areas that I want the partition to be aren’t "connected" - or does that not matter?  Anyone know?

03. Jun 4, 2004 at 03:34am by Anthony:

I’m pretty sure that for parted to enlarge a partition by joining it to some free space (which is what your drive will have after you delete the swap partition), the free space must come immediately after the existing partition.  The parted homepage explains some of its limitations like this.

But if you aren’t trying to preserve existing data on the Windows partition, then you could always just use [c]fdisk to delete both the Win and swap partitions, then create a new single partition in their place.  But again, they would have to be next to each other to create a single partition out of them, whether primary or extended.

04. Jun 6, 2004 at 03:02am by steev:

yeah, thats exactly what happened, so basically, im gonna eventually need to backup everything to CD, then reinstall everything, and.... yeah, not fun

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