CJ is losing it.

He’s laying here in my lap at my desk, as he usually does, with his front legs over my right wrist/hand.  (My keyboard shelf is just a couple inches above my lap, and my right wrist/hand is resting on the shelf near the mouse.)

In my left hand is a pencil, and one thing about CJ: anything shaped like a pencil (long screwdrivers, etc) he must constantly attack even if it’s not moving or anything.  So he’s batting away at the pencil, not frantically, rather casually (he’s too old/sophisticated to get all worked up about it, you see), and I’m scratching his neck with my right thumb.

Out of nowhere, he turns his head and chomps down on my right thumb like a vise-grip.  In an instant I jerk my hand away and feel an incredible sharp pulsing pain in the center of my thumb, below the nail.  He used his back teeth, like he wanted to crush it rather than tear it open, and he didn’t break the skin at all.  But even now 20 minutes later, I still have a dull throbbing pain in there.

I guess he misses being home, where there are plenty of mousenecks to snap.

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01. Jul 1, 2004 at 12:51pm by Mom:

And Shylo misses him at home too.  She loved the hide and pounce games they used to play; now all the excitement she has is this little runt, Louis, who annoys her with his little sneaky attacks so that she has to turn around and smack him upside the head 8-9 times in very quick succession, hissing and growling, and then calmly walk away and whine at the nearest door to let her out so she can find one of her peers to play with.  (Maria said that is a very long sentence; is it????)

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