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Hate spam while you can -- the UN is on the case.  The UN has been smashingly successful at its past and current endeavors, so no doubt spam will be little more than a memory in a couple years.

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01. Jul 6, 2004 at 10:38pm by andy:

the UN can case around all they want, i’m of the opinion that if people want to send out spam i’m pretty sure they’ll constantly find ways to do it regardless of what the government says.  kinda like the no-call list/bill which doesn’t apply to political ads, or surveys being taken, or the other random calls i still get at home.

"this number was dialed at random by a computer" (ugh)

02. Jul 7, 2004 at 11:06pm by Mike:

So how much of our national sovereignty will we be forfeiting this time so that I do not have to be constantly pummelled with emails asking if I’m happy with the size of my manhood?  Don’t get me wrong, I hate spam as much as anyone but I get a sick feeling anything I hear about the UN doing . . . well, anything.  I guess they’ll tackle anything that keeps the Food for Oil Scandal out of the headlines, eh?

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