Random Linux Tip

CD-ROM drive won’t open and give your disc back?  Run "lsof|grep ide" or "lsof|grep cdrom" to see which program is still accessing the drive.  Then "killall ".  For some reason that wasn’t obvious at two o’clock this morning, and I was convinced that Satanic forces were holding the drive shut.  But today I said, "Oh yeah.  lsof."

Speaking of IDE drives, I drove past Idetown, PA this weekend.  Heh... that place is obsolete.  Satatown is taking over nowadays.

Oh man.  Geek humor.  Terrible.

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01. Jul 27, 2004 at 02:02pm by kelsey:

hah that happened to me before, and i almost had a heart attack because i really liked the CD that was in there...but it opened...after i prayed a distressed prayer

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