Deer-crossing road signs show an image of a joyous leaping deer, but bear-crossing signs just say the words "Bear Crossing."  I for one would enjoy bear-crossing signs much more if they had some kind of cute fuzzy bear image on them.

Posted by Anthony on 2 replies


01. Aug 23, 2004 at 03:53pm by Kev:

I agree that fuzzy bears are the way to go. Or a picture of a "Smokey the Bear" type character would be cool too. I’d vote for either one. I also have noticed that railroad crossings have the large X with "R’s" on the left and right. I believe these signs should have pictures on trains on it, or train tracks or something a little more appropriate.

02. Aug 25, 2004 at 12:37pm by Mike:

I think they would have more impact if the train was tearing through a car or something about we see a happy train....right after it went through a vehicle (metal shards and dismembered body parts on the ground). I know it seems harsh, but I really think that that would drive the point home.

Maybe you could have a cute fuzzy bear that’s got a couple legs hanging out of his mouth...or maybe my sense of humor is a bit off the deep end :-P.

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