Funny Warning Labels

Kim and I took a short trip down to Ocean City NJ this weekend.  We had never been there during the winter so it was a new experience.  The place was a ghost town, as you might imagine: entire blocks of Asbury Ave and West Ave that are well-nigh impossible to find a parking spot on during the summer were completely vacant.

There were some people around -- apparently enough that Mack & Manco and Uncle Bill’s are open year-round, which alone makes the trip worth it -- but walking along the boardwalk for a while, we saw maybe a dozen people, and on the beach we saw only 2.

Anyway, at the corner of 8th & Atlantic I saw this sticker on a utility box and had to get a photo:

posted image

Close-up of the best part:

posted image

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01. Jan 27, 2007 at 05:07pm by maria:

Haha! That’s a good one. Evil Spinning Electric Shock Man really got that guy.

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