Apple Previews iPhone OS 3.0 with Lots of New Features

The new features include:

-push notifications, so apps like IM can receive messages even when not running

-now (finally!) supports system-wide copy and paste

-support for turn-by-turn directions

-landscape/widescreen mode now supported in more apps, including mail

-now supports MMS messaging

-built-in voice memo app

-all key apps now support search, including mail and iPod

-now supports Spotlight for system-wide search

-stereo bluetooth

-ability to communicate with other nearby iPhones/touches via bluetooth

-will be available this summer, free for all iPhone 3G users

-also available for original iPhone though not all features will be
supported (stereo bluetooth for example)

-will be a $10 upgrade for iPod touch users

There was no mention of hardware updates, but that’s typical; announcing new hardware months before it’s available would kill sales in the meantime.  It seems likely that they’ll release a 32 GB iPhone and a 64 GB iPod touch when OS v3.0 ships.

Also, they did announce some numbers: ~17 million iPhones sold to date and ~13 million iPod touches to date, both in less than 2 years.

Finally, I did realize about halfway through the event that I didn’t really notice at all that it was Scott and not Steve doing the announcement.  Of course I was following Ars Technica’s live coverage, rather than being there in person, but as an Apple fan, it really made no difference to me.

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01. Mar 17, 2009 at 03:46pm by maria:

I can’t wait! mom wants to switch to AT&T when her plan runs out, so now I can get the iPhone! :D
"-landscape/widescreen mode now supported in more apps, including mail" you know if that includes texting?

02. Mar 17, 2009 at 03:52pm by Anthony:

Yeah, it does:

Quoting Macworld:

Next: landscape. Safari’s had built-in landscape, of course. Users liked the widescreen landscape keyboard. Landscape and landscape keyboard are in all key applications: starting with Mail. Mail has a landscape mode; great for widescreen attachments. And the landscape keyboard can be used to write messages in Mail. Notes as well has landscape mode and keyboard. And SMS.

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