The Purpose of Government

Quoting Jerry Pournelle:

The purpose of public education, in theory, is to teach skills that will make the next generation productive.  Productivity is the key to wealth.  Does anyone seriously suppose that this is the purpose of public education now?  Or that, if it were the purpose, that is being accomplished?  The purpose of public education is to support the employees of the public education system.  Anything else is a long way secondary to that.

I could continue, but surely the point is made?  The purpose of government is to hire and support government workers.  Anything else is a long way secondary to that.

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01. Jun 18, 2010 at 07:55pm by John:

Schooling is supposed to prepare the young for contributing to the wealth and accomplishment of society.

Which just isn’t happening.

The future must seem bleak to American youth as they hear about jobs that create value overseas. Lotteries have better odds than a professional sports contract in their future....

In practice, it seems the purpose of government is to hire workers to redistribute the wealth of those few remaining who actually create it.

Our founding fathers paid heavily for their freedom, and our government has become most of what they revolted against.

Where are the leaders in American society. Who does the right thing because it is the right thing to do, even if it costs them heavily?

I guess all you can do is set an example to those around you!

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