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I’m designing a website for my sister’s real estate appraisal business, so I got the theme bug, and had to make a new one for my site.  After having it online for nearly a day, I discovered a bug in Internet Explorer (surprise...) whereby instead of using the color that I specify for links (red), it picks a color from a commented-out section of my stylesheet and uses that instead (blue).  It’s fixed now.

Anyway this theme is awesome.  If it doesn’t look awesome to you, then your browser/computer/eyes are broken.  Also, if you have your browser set to some obnoxiously large font, then it might not look as awesome.  Here’s a screenshot of the way it ought to look:

[img src="00435--20040107-new-site-theme-small--20040107-1756.jpg" width=449 height=412 align=left clear=all]

I’m not sure about the link color, though.  I like it, but I’m not sure if it contrasts enough with the black of the normal text.  For example, does this link stand out enough?  Can you even tell it’s a link?

Also, it wasn’t meant to be a Christmas theme, what with the red and green and all.  The red was intentional, but then I was thinking maybe a grayish color for the interior, and just guessing, I typed in a7bf92, and it turned out to be a pale green.  I like it so I kept it.

I’ll bring back the switch-the-theme links once I come up with a place to put them.  I want to put the random quotes back too, but I think they will clutter up the top of the page.

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01. Jan 7, 2004 at 07:22pm by Kelsey:

"Also, if you have your browser set to some obnoxiously large font, then it might not look as awesome." - ha, yeah that’s mine.....

actually i like the theme, it looks nice.  and my favorite colors are red and green!  i wish Christmas had a different color combination. it ruined the red and green combination like barney ruined the green and purple McDonalds ruined the red and yellow combination...and i could go on.  the point is I liked it enough to post about it:)

02. Jan 7, 2004 at 11:14pm by Mommie:

Hey, it’s good.  It just takes a bit longer to load up.  The link colors stand out fine on my screen (you KNOW who awful the contrast is on my jurasic monitor) and my LARGE font works out ok too ;-)))


03. Jan 8, 2004 at 04:16pm by andy:

big fonts look ok - the colors are a bit garish if you ask me but, i guess whatever suits you =P  and the link stands out enough i think.  it’s definitely easier to see before clicking on it though, the blue sits forward in the green more than the red does, because of the already red background.

04. Jan 8, 2004 at 04:45pm by Anthony:

> the blue sits forward in the green more than the red does

Ah... blue?  Where?

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