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Has anyone ever seen, Waking Ned Devine? If you have, God bless you. If you haven’t, a whole world of wonder awaits you and all you have to do is grab it (well, actually, buy it).
What could be better than a nice Irish film, with lots of happy Irish people drinking their whisky and Guiness, nestled on the beautiful Irish landscape? The answer, nothing.
This is sort of a random post, but I wanted to disrupt the flow of continuous computer jargon. But that is besides the point. Go buy Waking Ned Devine at Best Buy for $5.99 and enjoy good, clean, and redeeming laughter flavored with some awesome eye candy.

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01. Feb 28, 2005 at 11:35am by Mike:

Well, you sold me on it.  Now I have yet another move to see on my Blockbuster queue.  Why is the thought of watching two hours of old men putting down some pints of the good ol’ black stuff so appealing?  As if I wasn’t anxious enough for St. Paddys Day!

02. Feb 28, 2005 at 05:18pm by Tasha Moyer:

I just wanted to say that I was in Ireland for 2 weeks last summer... Umm, the people aren’t that happy. But, they are drunk a lot on the whisky and Guiness, that for sure. They actually call the Guiness trucks ’medical supply trucks’. It was freezing and it rained every day and it was SUMMER for goodness sake.  The countryside Is beautiful, but it’s hard to see through all the rain and fog :o)  That is a good movie, though...

03. Mar 1, 2005 at 12:47pm by Mike:

I went to Ireland last summer too and I found that there are a lot of angry drunks (especially in Dublin), but most Irish embody the happy Irish stereotype.  Some of the folks in Dublin are a little intimidating, but once I left the city, pretty much everyone I met was very friendly.  I found that was particularly true in Killarney.  Even the postal worker I talked with was friendly and patient with my issues.  I can’t say that about any post office experience I’ve ever had in the States.

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