this is tooo funny

I copy this here in case people didn’t read all the way thru Anthony’s ’give reality a try’ blog because it is SO darn FUNNY I can’t stop laughing and rereading it:

  This isn’t some sort of coincidence, no my friends Bush, Haliburton and the military industrial complex have had this figured out months ago. You think these ignorant, right wing, religious nazi f---ers could vote their way out of a paperbag? Funny how every state went to electronic voting machines isn’t it. Don’t tell some high altitude electronic warfare aircraft weren’t flying missions yesterday to electronically alter the vote! The CIA has been doing this for decades to change the votes in central and South America.
Was this person for real?  Did they REALLY believe this?  I’m sorry, but these folks should not be allowed to vote.  Go back and read all these crazy comments; it will make a great fun start to your weekend!

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