IMAO is usually pretty funny, but lately in the comments, people have been posting real news headlines and then making up sub-headlines to go with them.  They are hysterical.

Radical Muslim group Ansar al-Sunnah claims responsibility...
World stunned by use of words "Muslim" and "responsibility" in the same sentence.

North Korea ’only country on earth’ free of AIDS...
Rampant starvation cited as "miracle cure."

France Rejoices at Release of Hostages
But still smell bad, hate America

Male fish bear eggs in Potomac
Incident unrelated to male deer squirrel eggs in the Hudson

It took me a while to get that one, then I couldn’t stop laughing  : )

Rumsfeld Fires Back at Critics
Uses dual .45s; vows to strangle survivors.

Harry Potter fever strikes again
WHO blames President Bush and stolen election for shortage of vaccine

Massive "infants" galaxies found
Abortion Rights activists claim Fetal Galaxies not really alive, protest for right to abort findings

’A particularly difficult year’ for the UN, Annan says
Top customer overthrown, jailed.  Iraq freed from tyranny.  U.N. Punked by U.S.

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