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Rather than putting links to every theme in the site menu somewhere, I put them all at now.  (I also just tested this new red/green 2004 theme in IE at 800x600 and saw that it was too wide.  It should be fixed now.)

I know it’s Thursday, but I put up a new song anyway.  (It’ll work its way back to Monday-ish eventually hopefully.)

There’s a new Strong Bad Email too, called Video Games.  This is the best one since the one where he sang songs about grammar, so definitely check it out.  (When it’s done, wait a few seconds, and then you can play the yonder dungeon text game... see if you can get the flask.)

Speaking of funny, this morning driving home from class, I noticed that the Dollar Tree store has a wireless network.  The name of this network is "d0llartree1nc."  I’m sorry, but I think being the Dollar Tree precludes you from being l33t.

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01. Jan 16, 2004 at 02:03pm by andy:

...doesn’t mean the owner’s 15 year old hax0r kiddie didn’t help him set it up.  it would be pretty funny if you walked in and just went "sorry, but you really aren’t leet with your wireless network" and just left.  i doubt many people that use wireless stuff know about people like you =P

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