Oh Boy

A funny thing just happened to me.  I tried to post a message, and I got an error saying it couldn’t be written because the disk was full.  It’s funny because my server has 2 gigs of space, and the OS only takes about 800 MB, and my website only maybe 100, so that means... roughly 1100 MB -- that’s 1.1 gigs, folks -- just materialized out of thin air and onto my server.  Hm.

A little du -hm shows that it’s all in my default maildir.  Apparently the default installation of qmail is set to accept all mail to non.existent.accounts@nodivisions.com instead of bouncing it back to the sender as invalid.  (Deleting the file .qmail-default remedies the problem -- all invalid mail gets returned now.)

1.1 GB of email.  Considering that most emails are just a few KB, and that 1000 KB = 1MB, and 1000 MB = 1GB... that’s a stinking TON of email.  184,660 messages, to be exact.  All spam, too, since no one but spammers is going to send email to every.possible.word@nodivisions.com.  Here’s the breakdown:

Nov   4129  (138/day)
Dec   5183  (167/day)
Jan   4952  (160/day)
Feb   6384  (220/day)
Mar   6191  (200/day)
Apr  12535  (418/day)
May  42545 (1372/day) (1/minute) (253 MB)
Jun 102740 (3425/day) (more than 2/minute) (600 MB)

184660 total / 243 days = 760/day average.

600 MB of spam -- about one CD’s worth -- in the month of June alone.  And you thought you had spam problems.

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