Happy New Year!!

Yeah yeah yeah, 2007, whoopdeedoo... just bring on MacWorld already!

I don’t know when I became such an Apple fan, but I can’t wait to see what new products are released at MacWorld next week.  Will it be the long-rumored "true video" iPod, or the even-longer-rumored iPhone Apple Mobile Phone?

I’m not even really necessarily in the market for any of the things that Apple will potentially be releasing, but Apple’s gadgety design powers are just so awesome.  And two recent articles on RDM make me especially hopeful about the prospect of finally, for the first time ever, having a cell phone that doesn’t suck.  I mean honestly, cell phone service, features, plans, contracts, and especially interfaces totally suck in the US, and it would be awesome if Apple could manage to do to the cell phone industry what it has done to the music industry over the past 5 years -- which is to say, break the backs of the giants in the industry and give consumers something they actually want.

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